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Over the last decade, I've researched the history of Buffalo and Upstate New York, taught countless clients the architectural value of their buildings, and studied my own family history. I've also recently launched into research on sports fandom, to help me understand how arts organizations can capitalize on the "fan" mindset and loyalty.

I have uncovered the hidden stories of hundreds of homes, commercial buildings and neighborhoods- in Buffalo and beyond. Hire me to:

  • Find original or renovation blueprints of your building

  • Research the owners of your property through time

  • Determine the architect, or style, of a building

  • Make a case for historic preservation

  • Add rich details to a story or grant application


After researching my own family history for over 15 years, I offer my services to Buffalo families. You can hire me to:

  • Research and plan a family history trip

  • Contact relatives in other countries

  • Assist with family histories here at home

  • Train you or your relatives to do your own genealogy

Frank Oliver and siblings behind 102 Prospect Avenue in the 1910s.

Photographing my ancestral hometown in Italy, February 2016.

With my cousins in the piazza- the first night we met, in Norma, Lazio- Feb 2016

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