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Cucina Lieve- Intro to Seriously SLOW Food

On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to participate in Officina Lieve's monthly dinner preparations, then the event itself. And learned just what slow food really means: going to a winery to pick up wine fresh from the producer, working with a regional chef, delivering tons of vegetables and other ingredients to a countryside commercial kitchen, then working, by hand, for six hours with a convivial team of volunteers. THEN packing all the food up, driving back to the co-working space, unpacking, serving, conversing, drinking wine, and having great conversations. Then cleanup. :) I give you: Cena Lieve.

Dog neighbors (they look and sound like wolves- degli lupi!)

The Pianuzzo vineyards where we picked up the wine.

In the village of Borgo San Lorenzo, where Officina Lieve is located.

At the community kitchen where we prepared the food:

The beautiful scenery all around the community kitchen building:

Yes, you can grow lemons here!

A small roadside tribute to the Virgin Mary (they are everywhere)

A cute frog I encountered

This castle-like tower is attached to the Comune's church.

Documentation by local photographer Serana Landi can be seen here.

I hope you can take the time to make a healthy meal, with local food, with some friends this week. Buon appetito!


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