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Gli Alberi e Muline di Italia

The landscapes here in the Mugello region are jaw-dropping. I can't stop photographing all the roadside houses, trees, and mountain views.

My latest drawing:

Yesterday, I traveled with a small group of friends from Officina Lieve to La Mulino Faini - a grist mill in the Faini family for many generations. We toured it inside and out; it is the launchpad for a creative placemaking project during which I will help the people here document their history through muline abandonati (abandoned mills). They are the symbol of the ancient grain process in this area, and there are some experimental projects to bring them back to life underway. Perhaps we can help share this past with the public, and show them that there could also be a future in heritage grains. Soon, the professional photographs of Serana Landi will be here for your enjoyment. Meanwhile, enjoy my images:

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