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Process matters.

My current body of artwork represents a departure from the realistic images many know me for. These abstract works, made in alcohol ink, depict the duality of new roles,  phases of reality, and seeking personal truth.

The unfolding of self, the merging of purpose and effort, and the complete emotional inundation of this phase of life is what I seek to explore as deeply as possible.

This round of works invites the viewer in closely, for an intimate experience that goes beyond the two-dimensional, into a relationship with the process the work underwent, and with the artist who made it. 

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Meet Dana Saylor

I've spent my life as an independent entrepreneur and community changemaker, bringing together the arts, heritage and place-based events and nonprofits with fantastic results... now I'm turning my attention to my personal artistic practice.


The pandemic, plus new parenthood, led me back to my fine art roots, as a place to rediscover my purpose. 

I am sharing these deeply personal works of art with you in an effort to build community, connect, and re-establish myself as the fine artist that I am. 

I hope you find them as fascinating, inspiring and mesmerizing as I do. I welcome your comments, questions and inquiries, below.


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