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Fund, Engage & Ignite Your Mission That Matters 


Transform your creative business into a moneymaking powerhouse WHILE working less and giving back to your community!


Move through our simple five-stage Mission Control Framework to build a successful business with clarity and ease. Make It Happen helps you establish high-end pricing, build an audience of true believers, and end the cycle of hustle and overwork, so you can finally zoom out and see the big picture. 


Our group program provides your creative enterprise with expert support, guidance and feedback, so that you can earn the kind of money that will help you make the long-term impact you want. 


Our core program, Make It Happen, is a 6-month, high-touch VIP group mentorship program for creative entrepreneurs and changemakers who want to share beauty and meaning with the world, but are TIRED or burned out. The program walks you through the five stages step-by-step, from concept to implementation, so you can launch your high-end offer and start bringing in serious dollars quickly. 


Make It Happen starts at $4500 for a six-month program. Limited openings are also available for private coaching. Payment plans are available.

One-To-One Coaching

Powerful and Customized Individual Support, Guidance, and Accountability


Your dream project. Your community mission. Your creative business. Laser-focused intensive support and feedback for your life’s work. 


An eight-month, high-touch individualized consultation process that will move you through ideation to implementation, so you can finally see your life’s work flourishing. 


One-to-one coaching begins at $15,000 for an eight-month program. 

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Meet Dana Saylor

Hi I'm Dana! I've spent my life doing the things I love, bringing together the arts, heritage and place-based events and nonprofits with fantastic results... now it's my turn to help you do the same!


About three years ago, I was working my tail off in my business, volunteering nonstop, and teetering on the edge of burnout. 


I realized that I already had exactly what I needed to re-envision my work as a creative changemaker - a strong community, well-honed tools, and innovative resources.


I've helped clients launch and sustain their organizations, leverage place-based history to grow new audiences, and plan groundbreaking events with unbelievable financial results. 

Now I'm a coach and advisor, helping high-performing creative entrepreneurs so they, too, can bust through burnout.


I can help you delegate so you can focus on your genius zone, build financially sustainable projects you're proud of, and be the change in ways you've always dreamed of!


You're great at what you do and deserve high-end support. Now you're ready to level up, serve your community, and get paid what you're really worth!


Let me show you how to create amazing community change while getting paid, and help you through the challenges, so you can finally serve your deeper purpose and put more cash in your pocket – starting right now!


Ready to be the change? 


Let's do this!

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