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I offer international wellness and creativity retreats, to give you a chance to get away and experience magical places. Retreats offer an opportunity to recharge and reconnect with yourself, through yoga, art, journaling and other grounding practices. I work with retreat venues that offer holistic food, therapeutic services and exquisite views. 

While many of my retreats are geared toward adults,
I also try to offer at least one family-friendly retreat per year.
I believe it's so important to show our kids how to take good care of themselves, and to model a love of travel and grounding practices. 



Your small group can travel to historic and beautiful Italy with confidence with my custom itineraries. Or, I can be your on-site guide, leading you through the wonders of ancient and modern places throughout the peninsula.  


ART: My abstract body of work, made in my studio in Buffalo, New York, is available for purchase, and I'm preparing for a solo art show in 2024.

WORKSHOPS: I love to teach groups my "Intuitive Artmaking" process. It's perfect for friends, organizations, and events. 

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I've spent my life as an independent entrepreneur and community changemaker, bringing together the arts, heritage and place-based events and nonprofits with fantastic results... now I'm turning my attention to my personal artistic practice.


The pandemic, plus new parenthood, led me back to my fine art roots, as a place to rediscover my purpose. 

I've returned also to my other love: travel. Through retreats, travel consulting and guided tours, I've begun to share this love with other families.  


I welcome your comments, questions and inquiries, below.


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