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Your small group can travel to historic and beautiful Italy with confidence with my custom itineraries. Or, I can be your on-site guide, leading you through the wonders of ancient and modern places throughout the peninsula.  

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I will help you design the trip of a lifetime to Italy. I'm interested in working with slow travelers, that is: people who want more than just a  tourist experience. Visit off-the-beaten-path places and come away with a deeper understanding of the culture, food, art, architecture and people of this beautiful country. 

My custom itineraries are designed carefully for your group and keep in mind the needs of any kids or elders in the party. 

My favorite way to consult on your travel is to guide it personally! 

I will lead your group on a "slow travel" tour of Italy; quite different from your standard group tour. I speak the language and have visited many times. We will soak up the culture, life, architecture and of course, the food and wine, so well-known in this magnificent place. 

I'll design a custom itinerary with your input and desires, and plan a calm, enjoyable journey through some of the must-see sites, in addition to those you may never have heard of. You'll leave the country with a transformed perspective and probably some new friends!

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