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Buffalo Blueprint Project

I've been researching in the vault at Buffalo City Hall for the last eight years, and the condition of the blueprints there is deteriorating rapidly. The City doesn't have the funds or staff to maintain the collection, and no one else who uses the research vault is in a position to take action. Except me. What do I seek to do?

PHASE ONE: Inventory, Research and Outreach

- I have begun the process of researching possible grants, interns, scanning and photography firms, I've taken a seminar on digitization, and reached out to local schools, historical organizations and more. I've secured initial permissions from the City permit office. In order to continue this process, I need financial support.

PHASE TWO: Grants, Partnership and Digitization
- I am working with a local institution to begin the formal grantwriting process and establish a test project in collaboration with the City Permit Office.

PHASE THREE: Taking it Public

- I will manage the process of sharing the scanned blueprints digitally and will share more once I've worked out details with the City and the institution that helps me digitize.


Spar's on Amherst St.

Leonard Adams House, now part of the Buffalo History Museum campus

Gold Dome Bank

Make a donation and get research or a print.

My work is unconventional and it takes many forms. I'm an artist, historian and activist. I've contributed my time to a number of projects, from historic preservation advocacy to community design to innovative arts events. Much of this work is unpaid.

If you believe in what I do and would like to contribute to my community-based efforts, please select one of the options from the form on this page. You can even offer a recurring monthly contribution; it's simple. (Below are the art print image sizes you will receive for your donation; you can also choose to support a particular project, using the dropdown menu near the bottom called "What to Fund"). This patronage keeps me afloat as a sole proprietor who's balancing the demands of multiple disciplines and active citizenship.


Graser's on Amherst St.

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