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I offer dynamic, informative and thought-provoking presentations, trainings and consultations across the country, and around the world. I would be happy to speak to your grassroots organization, nationwide non-profit, or international group, or share my expertise with leaders, volunteers, artists, urbanists and beyond. Please click the buttons here to get in touch.


A Selection of My Trainings & Talks


  • People Want a Story to Belong To: Build emotional connection to place

  • Save The "White Elephant": Reimagine historic sites through creative events

  • Culture as Cure: "Prescribe" heritage, arts and culture to improve wellbeing

  • You Can't Google That: Research resources for preservation and genealogy

  • Creative Placemaking: Measure what works in vibrant communities

  • Learning to See: Recognize and build on your community’s unique assets

  • Creative Connection: How cross disciplinary collaboration can save a town

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