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De Muline di Mugello- Part II

This week, I've visited two more historic mills with my new colleague, Marta Landi. She has driven us around the Mugello Valley to several beautiful villages, where working grist mills still stand. Above is a marker drawing i'm working on, inspired by the beautiful birds of this of which looks molto similare a Great Blue Herons - the Grey Heron. Also pictured is a Hooded Crow, and the Great Tit - pretty much a cousin to our Chickadee.

Using Copic markers is a treat, as any architect will tell you. There is a learning curve, though- as alcohol is the main ingredient, which allows the shades to blend together. It's a lot different than watercolor, but I'm trying to just have fun with it. Markers are more portable and quick to dry than watercolor, so they are convenient to use while traveling.

And here are my photographs of the mills, starting with the day in Ronta, and Madonna di Tre Fiumi (Madonna of the Three Rivers):

And yesterday, we went to the mill in Sant'Agata, a gorgeous little town. This was along the way...

One of many roadside shrines.

Marta at the mill reservoir.

Similar equipment was used at each of these mills.

And the "cascata" he showed us, out behind the mill. Bellissimo!


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