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City Hall beckons

It’s hard to believe that in seven or eight years of research at City Hall, the art deco masterpiece of Buffalo and beyond, I have never stopped to draw it. Yes, I’ve stood outside and included it cityscapes, but never the gorgeous details within. 

If you’ve ever set foot inside the building, you know that it has an astonishing quantity of art: murals, carvings, sculptures etc. One of my friends even has a re-created City Hall mural on her leg as a tattoo! 

The bronze elevator doors, and the carved creatures above them, I have always captivated my attention. They are hard to draw though, because City Hall is so busy and the elevator doors are frequently opening and closing. But a half hour yesterday afforded me enough time to get the basic outline of the doors, and the surrounding details. 

I filled in the shading and highlights and my visual journal story today.

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