Be You. Everything Else is Lame.

Somehow, I got convinced that I should hide who I truly am. What a mistake. A long, hot summer was a great opportunity for me to think, hard, about how I'd like my business to evolve, and how I want it to be perceived. When someone asks me what I do, I usually have several answers, but it almost always starts with "Artist". Then, I add, "Historian, Preservationist, Event Planner..." In recent years, nonprofit neighborhood groups and others have begun asking for my help- to share my expertise on how to bring artists in, or how to leverage creative events to draw attention to historic places. I was thrilled to be able to help in some small way. Eventually, it dawned on me that THIS could be my

I Am A Weapon.

"Being a creative means being able to unabashedly be yourself, any flavor of yourself, every day." -Jillian Adel Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 7 took place this last weekend in Cleveland and I am thrilled to have experienced even some of it. Here's a short description of what it is: "Weapons of Mass Creation is a young grassroots movement to inspire and enable the creative mind. We believe that good things happen when ideas and talents are shared within the community. This mentality manifests itself in the lifestyle of a Weapon of Mass Creation. A person who defies the hand they’re dealt and makes stuff happen. Once a year, we have WMC Fest. The annual gathering of this community right here

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