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Palazzi e Piacenza

Today was a relaxing and fun day throughout Piacenza with my cousin Cinzia and her husband Pino. Together with my dad, we toured a beautiful old building that their theater friends are turning into a performance and gallery space. There's the ancient structure itself, with tall arched windows, facing a courtyard/garden that can serve as a summer event space. Cinzia suggested that we work together on an event here!! Um, YES!

A small group of friends showed up to check it out, and then we walked together to prendiamo caffe (of course).

One of the men learned that I was a historian and he ushered me to the side of the street to point out Palazzo Farnese- the former center of government in Piacenza. The town was historically strategic, located between Firenze, Milano, Bologna and Torino. I love how Italian people are proud and knowledgeable of their heritage- just like many Buffalonians!

After caffe, their friends departed and we strolled into the old Palazzo, where there are some sections from the 14th century and some from the big deal. It turns out, this is where Cinzia and Pino were married!

That's Cinzia up there, with their dog, "Banksy". :)

These two are such characters! They got married here a year and four months ago.

Tomorrow, we get on a treno regionale per Norma, in Lazio. We are bound for our ancestral hometown! A dopo, ciao!


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